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A haven of tranquillity
in a place where
all that surrounds it
is expectation,

Carol Bernier
Le Devoir
23 octobre 2012

Notre-Dame Hospital's place of worship

I am a painter. I do not save lives. But I can bring my contribution to the tried families, to the sick and to those who feel the need of silence. A hospital needs a place of recollection where everyone is welcome, without distinction of religion.


This is why I joined the CHUM and the Fondation Sylvie et Simon Blais in a fundraising campaign to restore the Notre-Dame Hospital's place of worship.


It was the Give, Body and Soul fundraising campaign...


This is how I volunteered for the restoration of the Notre-Dame Hospital's place of worship, which opened in December 2012.

_MG_0205 copie.jpg

The beauty of the project
is to do it with
a whole team
in the same spirit.

Carol Bernier
Le Devoir
23 octobre 2012

Model of the Notre-Dame hospital's place of worship.

  Photos : Guy L'Heureux

Place of worship BEFORE

... and AFTER

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