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« Her painting reflects the splendour of the universe to which we belong. »

D. Legentil et S.Marquis

Le Sourcier
From September 13 to October 28, 2023

Galerie Simon Blais

Bernier_2023_La_Source_107x162cm_IMG_0741 - copie.jpg

« Intimate and direct, this relationship with the body has, in the Carol Bernier exhibition Le Sourcier, resulted in a sensuous exploration of plasticity evoking the paintings of Jean McEwen (1923–1999). On view at Galerie Simon Blais, this exhibition, which mainly consists of pastels, but also includes works in oil, invites viewers to have a sensory experience of art. Furthermore, it pays tribute to McEwen on the centenary of his birth and celebrates his contribution to Québec’s artistic heritage.»

Excerpt from Isabelle Masse text, Seeing with the Hands, Touching with the Eyes

« Carol and I are inspired by the same soul. That of my father, Jean McEwen, of that “giant,” as she has put it; as much as a giant for her as for me, though for undoubtedly different reasons: painter or dad, a phantom glossed with the yellow dunes and crimson magma of our secrets. Apart from those few moments when I got to know him, just out of childhood and just before he died, I do not know who that man was—and neither does she—but he is there, in the corner of my eye in my living room, and leaning against the wall in her studio. »

Excerpt from Jérémie McEwen text, Inspired by My Father

Bernier_2023_La_Source_107x162cm_IMG_0741 - copie.jpg
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